This program features works which represent things and ideas which hold a particular desire in life.  Time, money, and the wish to improve ourselves.
        Luckily, the concept of desire is easy to understand and everyone has experienced the sense of need that can come from our yearning for something or someone.  Our desires manifest themselves in many ways, from "must have" physical objects to our wish for a higher paying job or more leasure time.  Desire, in essence, becomes an eternal quest for pleasure and happiness in our lives.  A strange thing happens however, once we get what we "want",  a new desire shows itself upon the horizon for us to chase so we never actually achieve our desire. 


Audiences will be im


Program Sample

"Stop Speaking" by Andy Akiho

"Vox Sum Vitae" by Joao Pedro Oliveria

Lu" by Hugo Morales Murguia

Khan Variations by Alejandro Vinao

"time and Money" by Pierre Jodlowski

"Temazcal" by Javier Alvarez

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