"A Matter Of..."

When we describe something using certain phrases like, "It's a matter of... opinion, perspective, perception, point of view..." it is meant to suggest that perhaps the item is not what it may appear to be at first glance.  The implication is that many details are present and that meaning and beauty may be found by an individual within any one of them.  This beauty becomes something special because it reflects not only our perceptions and opinions, but are also influenced by all of our previous choices and experiences.  In a sense, the beauty doesn't exist within the object, but rather ourselves.

Program Sample may include

"Stop Speaking" by Andy Akiho

"Unchained Melody" by David Lang

"Anadromous Coda" By Stefano Gervasoni

Newly Commissioned works by Nathan Hudson and Howie Kenty

Vox Sum Vitae by Joao Pedro Oliveira

"Lu" by Hugo Morales Murguia

"Khan Variations" By Alejandro Vinao

Mani Matta by Pierluigi Billone


"Mani Matta" by Peirluigi Billone

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